4+8 Well Dish

Article code & Packaging: 1134+8 packed by 10 / 240 units per box


Material: Non-toxic medical grade Polystyrene


Testing:  MEA, LAL & SMA per LOT number


smART characteristics:

  • Allows to handle patient culture embryos in just one dish
  • Clear embryo/position identification due to well-numbering 1-8 (4 x 150 μL wells), 9-12 (8 x 100 μL wells)
  • Small wells to store embryos after washes in the bigger wells (individual culture)
  • Big wells to store multiple embryos after serial washes in the smaller wells (group culture)
  • No droplet mixing


Intended use:

  • Cell culture gametes or embryos
  • Handling or manipulation of embryos or gametes